We offer 2 Day Retreats and Private Tuition in Utrecht, Holland.


We teach courses in Ibiza, Spain, in Santa Eulària des Riu. This is also where Bruce Frantzis chooses to hold his yearly retreats in July. We have come to know some special practice spots in Santa Eulària des Riu, over the years whilst attending Bruce’s events. Teachings will take place at these locations that are particularly conducive to Energy Work.

Our next event in Ibiza is our 5 Day Winter Qigong Pro Retreat starting on 8th of January 2017. Please check our schedule for up coming retreat dates.


We offer Weekly Classes in Brighton, as well as Private Tuition, Retreats, and Bodywork.


We offer Retreats and Bodywork in Piešťany.

Piešťany is a town in Slovakia that is famous for its healing waters and spas. It is located in the Western part of Slovakia, in the Trnava Region. It is the biggest and best known spa town in the whole of Slovakia and people travel from all over the world to benefit from the healing waters in Piešťany. Piešťany is a small town which has around 30,000 inhabitants. There is a lot of Healing Life Energy rising from the ground at this place!